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New Affordable Cutting Systems

Iecho Static & Belt Conveyor  cutters for all type applications &  budgets... Quality & Technology

Used-Refurbished Cutting Systems

Lectra, Gerber, Zund, Kongberg

      CAD - Cutter Software

     Cutting Room Specialists

  Cutter Technology & Upgrades

  Independent Service Engineers

We are a small team with large experience, we are all ex Lectra, Gerber, Zund cutter engineers/specialists

Our customers asked us to create a bespoke, honest & economical  method of support for their production & cutting systems...job done!


     Software for all cutting applications

    Used Lectra, Gerber, Kongsberg, Zund  

     Used Cutting machine specialists

  Software to drive your cutting machine

Cutting machine spares, parts & upgrades

      Machine moves & installs by experts

CAD Software

Design - Nest

Scan - Photo Digitise- Import - Convert

Cut - Plot - Print

Generate Cut Files for any type machine

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